To provide safe and comprehensive care our practice is required to collect personal information that covers basic details such as your name, address and telephone number.

This will be regularly checked and updated by members of our team as part of our patient identification procedures.

It is also necessary for the dentist to gather information about your general health and past medical and surgical events. Without this general health picture, thorough planning of your oral care may not be possible. Some of this information is of a personal nature and you may not wish it to be disclosed to others.

We value the need to safeguard this information and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and guidelines issued by the Australian Dental Association we have developed this policy:

To ensure your privacy we will:

  • Not disclose this information to anyone who is not directly involved with your dental care without your express consent. Require written consent before requesting or releasing your dental clinical record except where required by law.

  • Provide you with access to your personal information on request without due delay. This access might be an inspection of your dental records at the time of appointment, by special access or by copying of information at other times.

  • Not charge you for requesting this information. However, fees may be incurred for a consultation, written summary or copies of information if required.

  • Take reasonable steps to protect this information from misuse or loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

  • Train our staff to ensure these principles are respected at all times.

  • Sign agreements with all staff to abide by this policy as a condition of employment.

  • Take reasonable steps at all times to keep accurate and complete records.

  • Respond to a request to alter our records accordingly if any of the information is inaccurate.


Your Rights As A Consumer

Dentistry at the Cross feels it is important that we let you know how we look after your rights as a consumer.

Managing Your Care – Making and Changing Appointments

We aim to provide patients with appointments to meet their life and work demands. To assist you making your appointments we confirm these one day before by either SMS, email or phone call. Unexpected appointment spaces are difficult to fill on short notice, we ask that you provide at least 48 hours notice of your intention to reschedule an appointment. Failure to attend and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice may incur a fee of $220 per hour.

Looking After Your Health and Safety

We aim to provide dental care in a safe, secure and supportive environment. DATC is compliant with all Australian Work Health & Safety and Infection Control Standards. Our clinicians regularly attend professional development courses to ensure the highest level of up to date patient care. We only use quality Australian dental laboratories and TGA approved equipment and materials.

In the very rare event of treatment complications or clinical misadventure we have policies and procedures in place to keep you fully informed and your care well managed. As well, we undertake ongoing review of our clinical protocols to continually improve the safety of your treatment.

Respect, Communication and Informed Consent

We respect the right to individual beliefs and values. We strive to at all times provide dental treatment in a manner that is respectful of culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.

In planning each patient’s care we believe it is the patient’s right to receive adequate information and to be involved in making informed treatment decisions. We strive to provide patients with accessible and understandable information about their treatment to help this process. We will request and record informed consent either verbally or in writing stating that you understand the care to be provided, have been involved in the decision.

In accordance with consumer rights legislation and in conjunction with the Australian Dental Association the practice has developed a series of policies to ensure we respect your rights as a consumer and fully comply with legislative requirements. A full list of our policies including “Partnering with Consumers” is available on our DATC Policies Library.