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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an area of dental care that focuses on the aesthetics of your smile. Also known as smile dentistry, it has numerous procedures to correct one’s smile concerns. Cosmetic dentists go through specific training and have expertise in correcting dental asymmetry.

Since smile attractiveness is a primary factor in an individual’s confidence, cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming increasingly popular these days.

A great smile is something we all desire. So whether you’re after a small adjustment or a more significant makeover, our clinicians are here to help. As our treatment philosophy is based around minimal intervention techniques, you may be surprised at how easily and cost-effectively you can achieve your dream smile. With many different treatment modalities available we will ensure you clearly understand your available treatment options so you can decide which is the most appropriate for you.

We apply the principles of cosmetic dentistry to all our dental treatments, whether rebuilding broken teeth, replacing fillings, or replacing missing teeth. To ensure the best appearance and quality we place premium tooth-coloured materials approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Our dental laboratories and technicians are all local and Australian certified, while our ceramic technicians use the latest digital shade matching technology to ensure your smile continues to look great. Ultimately, ensuring our work looks good on you is of paramount importance to us.

Contact us for a smile analysis and we can outline and explain your treatment possibilities.

Cosmetic treatments offered at our Sydney dental clinic:

A smile analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth where our dentists will assess your entire oral health and determine what issues you may be facing. In addition, we will work with you to understand your general and cosmetic dental health goals and advise you on the best treatment methods to help turn your dream of a great smile into a reality.
At-home teeth whitening kits have become increasingly popular as they are readily available on the market. However, some of these kits aren’t as successful or effective as others. Therefore, it is best to get your at-home whitening kit from a trusted and reliable dental clinic. At Dentistry At The Cross, we will provide you with a high-quality at-home whitening kit that will brighten your teeth and help you achieve the pearly whites you have always wanted.
For a professional clean and whitening treatment that lasts longer, it is best to opt for an in-chair teeth whitening treatment from a professional dental clinic. Dentistry At The Cross specialises in in-chair whitening treatments that will successfully brighten your smile and safely whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades. For teeth whitening that helps you gain confidence in your smile, contact our cosmetic dentists today.

Straightening your teeth is a common desire with most cosmetic dentistry treatments. This is because straighter teeth usually make for a more attractive smile. At Dentistry At The Cross, we specialise in Invisalign orthodontic treatment as an effective alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign is a removable clear aligner treatment that takes less time to attain your desired results. Get straighter teeth without the restrictions associated with metal braces when you choose the Invisalign orthodontic teeth alignment treatment.

Fillings are common and utilised to restore the structure of your teeth. However, traditional fillings are black and will often affect the overall appeal of your set of teeth. Therefore, Dentistry At The Cross offers tooth coloured composite fillings for a more natural and attractive alternative to traditional fillings.
Are you struggling with damaged, decaying, or missing teeth? Choose composite or porcelain veneers as an effective restoration method. Depending on the material best suited for your set of teeth, our team will create customised dental veneers that will fit seamlessly with your natural smile. Veneers are long-lasting and will transform the look and functionality of your smile.
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Cosmetic Dentistry Cost

Cosmetic dentistry refers to addressing aesthetic issues that can make one feel self-conscious about their smile. This includes problems such as stained, chipped, and gapped teeth. At Dentistry At The Cross, our Sydney cosmetic dentists perform a range of treatments and procedures to do the following:

Some of the most common treatments we utilise include teeth whitening, dental veneers, crowns, bridges, and fillings. However, each treatment has a different price, and therefore, the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Sydney is completely dependent on a variety of individual factors. For example, the cost of a dental implant can range anywhere between $3,000-$6,5000, whereas the cost of teeth whitening will be significantly lower and may cost $500-$1,000 depending on the treatment method.

For the cosmetic dentistry package that involves a complete smile makeover, the entire treatment could cost anywhere between $3,500-$15,000. Therefore, it is important that you talk to our team of professional Potts Point dentists during a one-on-one consultation session to discuss cosmetic dentistry expectations and potential pricing. We will answer your questions and advise you on the best cosmetic treatments to transform the look and functionality of your teeth.

How much is a dental makeover?

The cost of a dental makeover is decided based on the extent of your smile issues and your expectations from the treatment. While orthodontic treatments and dental implants can be costly based on the extent of procedures, teeth whitening is comparatively an inexpensive procedure.

If you want a Hollywood smile, we can provide you with a porcelain veneer smile makeover. It is a costly procedure, but you can get the perfect smile. In general, you can expect the cost of a dental makeover in the range of $500-15,000. Get a smile analysis with Dentistry at the Cross to come to know the exact cost of getting a magical smile.

What is Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Cosmetic dental treatments are a set of procedures aimed to improve the visual aesthetics of teeth, gums, and jaws of patients. Due to the extent of smile issues, you may get a single procedure or a number of cosmetic treatments to improve your confidence and smile.

The common cosmetic dental procedures are teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridges, full mouth reconstruction, and dental implants. Importantly, these procedures can improve the colour, size, structure, or alignment of your teeth based on the type of procedure.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentists offer several procedures to improve the appeal of your teeth, gums, and jaws. The procedures include teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding, dental crown, inlays and overlays, dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, bridges, and more. Based on your smile issues, your cosmetic dentist will perform one or some of the treatments to achieve the smile makeover you want.

What Are The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry, also known as smile dentistry, treatments have a number of benefits. First, the procedures improve the aesthetical appeal and confidence of the individual. Second, it provides enhanced oral hygiene and health for the patients. Third, procedures such as dental implants and crowns give better biting power for the patients to enjoy most food types. Fourth, teeth straightening procedures can minimise the deposits of plaque and tartar around teeth, reducing the risks of gum disease.

Best Cosmetic Dentist In Sydney

Dentistry At The Cross offers complete cosmetic dental care to all patients. When you’re looking to transform your teeth look with high-quality cosmetic dental treatments, we have you covered.

We also offer aesthetic dental surgery to ensure even the most complicated cosmetic issues can be easily resolved in conjunction with our dental care services. 

Aesthetic dental surgery focuses on improving the colour, shape, size, position, and alignment of the teeth, and the overall appearance of your natural smile. This also includes gums, which can be surgically transformed to help a smile look less gummy and more appealing. While some cosmetic dentistry procedures can be completed without the need for minor operations, our Dentistry At The Cross team can tackle issues of all levels of severity. 

Therefore, our surgeons are equipped with the skills and knowledge to carry out aesthetic dental surgeries that will completely transform the look of your smile. So, when you’re struggling with complex dental issues that regular cosmetic dentistry cannot solve, choose our aesthetic dental surgery services at Dentistry At The Cross. Contact us today for more information on cosmetic dental care and aesthetic dentistry.

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Dentistry At The Cross is your go-to dental clinic for all cosmetic dentistry needs in Sydney. When you’re looking to transform the look and functionality of your smile, we have the best cosmetic dentistry treatments available. For more information on our cosmetic dentistry procedures, contact us today or call us on (02) 3814 6002.

The smile issues of a patient decide the extent and the cost of cosmetic dentistry for them. You can get gleamy white smiles with a dental whitening procedure if you have only teeth discolouration or stains. On the other hand, patients who have teeth alignment issues or missing teeth get more extensive and complex procedures to restore their smile.

Some patients may have multiple smile issues, including teeth discolouration, missing teeth, and biting issues. The extent and the cost of procedures drastically change according to individual conditions and needs. You can expect the cost of the procedure ranging $500-15,000 based on your smile issues. Book a smile assessment with Dentistry at the Cross to get accurate prices for the smile transformation.

At first, you should identify your smile transformation needs and check with cosmetic dentists who provide various treatment services for all of those issues in your city. You can talk to your friends and relatives who received cosmetic dentistry before, refer online, or check with your family dentist to quickly choose the right cosmetic dentist.

Alternatively, you can make a list of cosmetic dentists you feel can provide an excellent service based on your expectations. Refer to their online reviews, talk to them in person, visit their clinics, and learn about the pricing for their services. Based on these facts, you can easily decide on the cosmetic dentist for your smile transformation.

Insurance plans do not generally cover cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dental services are not considered essential medical procedures but a nice-to-have option for an improved smile. However, if your cosmetic dentistry involves some restorative procedures, you can get them covered based on your dental insurance plan.

You can refer to the inclusions and exclusions of your dental insurance plan to learn more about it. If you have specific questions, try to reach out to your health insurance provider for answers.

A general dentist is someone who looks after your general oral health and provides you with preventive and restorative procedures. For all your oral health-related issues, the primary contact person is your general dentist.

On the other hand, a smile dentist focuses on the visual aspects of your teeth and oral structure. Cosmetic dentists have specialised knowledge and expertise in porcelain veneers, dental implants, orthodontic procedures, and more. They use advanced tools and the latest technology to create and execute a tailored smile makeover plan for you.

Most cosmetic procedures are painless, including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding, and more. These procedures are minimally invasive and might give you slight sensitivity after the treatment. The advancement of cosmetic dentistry procedures in recent decades has significantly reduced the complexity as well as the trauma associated with the procedures.

However, procedures such as dental implants are invasive and can be painful. But you can manage the pain with sleep dentistry options and get a stress-free smile transformation.

As long as qualified cosmetic dentists perform the procedures, you will have a completely safe cosmetic treatment experience. At Dentistry at the Cross, we have highly qualified and experienced cosmetic dentists to provide you with a safe smile transformation experience.

After the smile analysis, our dentists will create a tailored smile makeover plan for you and answer all your questions and concerns. We will make sure that you have complete trust in us and are satisfied with the outcome before beginning the procedures.

The answer lies with how you want to show off yourself. Are you ok to present yourself with discoloured, stained, misaligned, or missing teeth? If you are not happy with your oral aesthetic issues, cosmetic dentistry is a necessity for you. Importantly, healthy and aesthetically appealing teeth are the reflection of the quality of life one enjoys and their confidence.

Additionally, most cosmetic dentistry procedures improve the patient's oral health by addressing the underlying issues.

The recovery period of cosmetic dentistry depends on the type of treatment you receive. If you receive teeth whitening, you get instant results and recovery. You may experience minor sensitivity for a couple of days after the procedure.

On the other hand, invasive procedures such as dental implants require a longer recovery period. At Dentistry at the Cross, you can expect recovery for dental implants in 7-10 days based on your health condition. However, the complete fusion of the implant with your jawbone generally takes a few months.

You can examine yourself to confirm whether you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry treatments. Stand in front of a mirror and observe your teeth. You can get cosmetic dental procedures for a smile transformation if you notice stains, inconsistent gaps, discolouration, chipping, or misalignment of teeth.

If you are less confident about your smile but can't figure out the reasons for the issues, you can still walk into your cosmetic dentist's office for a smile analysis. The dentist will confirm the procedure based on your teeth condition and expectations.

Based on the type of cosmetic dentistry treatment you receive, you may experience swelling, discomfort, or tooth sensitivity during the recovery period. However, good general health conditions can ensure a quicker recovery. Poor oral hygiene can make the results of cosmetic dentistry short term. Especially regular smoking can discolour teeth quickly after a whitening procedure.

Also, procedures such as dental implants may take a few months to completely fuse with the jawbone and give you the ideal results.

While you may experience some sensitivity, discomfort, or swelling based on the type of cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can minimise these issues by maintaining good general health and oral hygiene. If you receive any invasive procedure, you need to stop smoking, eat a balanced diet, and ensure good oral hygiene for quicker recovery.

Ensure that you follow all the instructions given by your cosmetic dentist. Make regular dental visits to identify any oral health issues or compromise of the cosmetic procedures in advance. Consult with your cosmetic dentist as soon as you notice any problems.

If you have obvious smile issues and want to improve your smile, you generally don't have any other option than choosing cosmetic dentistry treatments. On the other hand, people who have excellent oral health and no serious smile issues can try to retain their smile by following good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, good general health, and regular dental visits.

If you are struggling with minor teeth discolouration issues, you can try whitening toothpaste to restore your teeth colour. However, don't expect overnight results as it may take weeks to a few months to get the expected results.