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Dentistry At The Cross offers local patients in Bondi Beach high-quality dental care when they need it most. With our years of experience in the dental industry, we understand what it takes to transform smiles and enhance oral hygiene. 

Our dentists have spent years mastering the latest technologies and skills in modern dentistry to provide reliable, safe, and professional dental health services to all patients. 

With our expertise in general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry, we have all your dental needs covered, no matter how complex they may seem. Additionally, we aim to retain a comforting dental clinic environment that encourages you to visit your dentist regularly. For your next dental check-up, choose DATC today.

Our Dental Services


Best Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Have you been hoping to transform the look of your teeth and achieve your dream smile? With Dentistry At The Cross, we can help you attain the smile you’ve always wanted with high-quality cosmetic dentistry services. Our team of qualified cosmetic dentists will evaluate your dental health and utilise the appropriate techniques to mend cracked, chipped, crooked, and misaligned teeth.

Take back your confidence and show off your new set of pearly whites when you undergo cosmetic dentistry at DATC. All our procedures are designed to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal while improving overall oral hygiene. We will replace fillings, rebuild broken teeth, restore damaged smiles, and more. Some of our most popular treatments include:

Come experience the most innovative cosmetic dentistry at a comfortable, professional environment. Our team of doctors has worked hard to master advanced techniques and create an intimate setting where you can receive services tailored just for your needs!

If you’re missing teeth, damaged or suffering from poor oral hygiene our team can help! We offer various benefits including improved functionality of the mouth and overall appearance. Cosmetic dentistry services include:

DATC provides a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments for those looking to improve their smile. We offer everything from teeth whitening and Invisible Braces, all the way down through Invisalign! For more information on our services or how they can help you achieve your desired result contact us today.


24 Hour Dental Care — Emergency Dentist Bondi Beach

When you’re suffering from a dental emergency, you’ll need fast and reliable assistance as soon as possible. Hence, it is worth staying connected to a dental clinic that offers efficient emergency dentistry. At Dentistry At The Cross, our emergency dentists are readily available to help you overcome all dental complications. 

We have utilised our skills in modern dentistry to treat various dental emergencies, including severe toothaches, knocked-out and loose teeth, and injuries to the jaw. No matter how complex your dental emergency may seem, we have the appropriate treatments to restore your oral health and ensure the mouth’s functionality is not damaged beyond repair. For more information on our emergency dentists, contact us today.


Invisalign Centre

Are you searching for an efficient way of straightening your teeth? While traditional metal braces have been around for decades, the process is often inconvenient and lengthy. At Dentistry At The Cross, we offer Invisalign treatment as an advanced and reliable alternative to straightening a crooked or misaligned set of teeth.

If you’re interested in learning more about our cosmetic dentistry services, please contact us today. Our goal is always for patients to leave happy and confident with their new smile! Additionally, Invisalign will not pose any limitations on daily activities such as eating and speaking. For more information on the Invisalign process, contact us today.


Dental Implants, Dentists Near You

Dental implants are an ideal method for replacing missing or damaged teeth. Often, teeth may become weakened over time due to various reasons. This includes age, dental trauma, and disease. However, DATC offers an impressive dental implant treatment that restores the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your set.

Our dentists are experienced in customising and implementing dental implants to various sets of teeth and transforming smiles. Dental implants are a screw-like anchor placed into the original root of your tooth and used to hold dentures. You can choose between dental crowns, bridges or even full mouth reconstruction if needed! For more information on dental implants as a restoration option, talk to our team today.


Orthodontics Treatment in Bondi Beach

Transform your smile with our range of orthodontic options at Dentistry At The Cross. Orthodontics refers to the process of straightening your teeth to create a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile. Our dental clinic offers various orthodontic options, including traditional metal braces, internal lingual braces, Invisalign, and children’s braces. 

To ensure you are choosing the most suitable method for your teeth, our dentists will conduct a dental assessment before beginning any form of treatment. Each of our orthodontic options is designed to rebuild strength and improve overall oral health. For more information on orthodontics and restoring the look of your teeth, contact us today.


Children Dentistry

Keep your child’s dental health in pristine condition throughout every stage of their life by regularly visiting a kid’s dentist. It is recommended that your child have their first dental check-up when their first tooth erupts or when they turn one – whichever comes first. 

At Dentistry At The Cross, we are your go-to dental clinic with professional kid’s dentists ready to tend to all developmental and teething needs. In addition, we will continue to evaluate the progress of your child’s oral growth and help them form good oral hygiene practices that they can utilise well into their future. For more information, visit our dental clinic today.

Contact Us Today

Are you searching for a professional dental clinic in Bondi Beach? Look no further than Dentistry At The Cross for all general, cosmetic, and emergency dental needs. For more information on our range of services, contact us today or call us on (02) 3814 6002.


DATC accepts all forms of traditional payment. We believe that everyone should have access to the most advanced and highest quality dental treatments available. Therefore, we aim to keep our prices low to ensure all our parents can afford premium dental services. Talk to our team today about paying for your treatment today.
Dentistry At The Cross are experts in delivering the following orthodontic options:
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign
  • Internal lingual braces
  • Braces for children
Our dentists will assess your oral health to ensure you are choosing the best orthodontic treatment for your set of teeth. We guarantee that you will be left with a straighter and more uniform smile that you will love after the procedure.
Our DATC dentists are professional, reliable, and highly qualified. No matter what dental concern you’re struggling with, we will use our years of experience in the industry to find the most suitable and advanced solution. Your dental care is our top priority, and therefore, we will work hard to improve the functionality and visual appearance of your teeth.
The emergency dentists at DATC are readily available to tend to all unexpected dental situations. We have spent years focusing on dental emergencies and are experts in treating severe toothache, knocked-out or loose teeth, and injuries to the jaw. No matter when your dental issue occurs, we’re ready to aid and restore your oral health.
We aim to take the hassle out of paying for high-quality dental treatments. Therefore, we accept various forms of payment at DATC. In addition to cash and card, we also offer our patients payment plans that allow you to pay in instalments. For more information on finances, contact our dentists today.
Yes. Our dental clinic provides dental implants as a complete restoration treatment for missing or damaged teeth. A dental implant is a screw-like anchor placed into the original root of the tooth and holds a dental prosthesis. Hence, a dental crown, bridge, or denture will act as your natural tooth and perform the same functions.
We accept dental insurance from companies such as Bupa, HCF, and more. We aim to keep our dental treatments affordable, and therefore, we are approved dentists for a range of insurance providers. To ensure our dental clinic is covered by your dental health insurance company so that you can manage your finances, talk to us today.
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