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At Dentistry At The Cross, our team of professional dentists in Edgecliff are trained to transform the look and functionality of all sets of teeth. We have spent years forming a dental practice dedicated to improving smiles by utilising advanced concepts in modern dentistry. 

No matter what dental issue you’re dealing with, we continue to upgrade our dental clinic and provide reliable and efficient services that will make you feel completely safe and cared for. 

Dentistry At The Cross provides a wide range of procedures and services aimed at transforming even the most difficult sets of teeth.

Our Dental Services


Best Cosmetic Dentist Edgecliff Treatment

Are you looking for a way to permanently transform the look of your teeth? Crooked, misaligned, or cracked teeth can often have a significant impact on confidence and aesthetic appeal. At Dentistry At The Cross, we offer high-quality cosmetic dentistry services that will transform the way you view your smile. 

Our cosmetic dentists have worked hard to master innovative cosmetic techniques and created a dental environment that is professional and comfortable for all patients. We understand that no two mouths are the same, and therefore, we tailor each of our services to suit all individual’s needs. 

If you need help rebuilding broken teeth, replacing fillings, or restoring missing and damaged teeth, our team has you covered. Our dentistry services provide various benefits, including improved oral hygiene and functionality, rebuilding strength, and an overall more aesthetically pleasing look. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

Our treatments will make it easy for you to attain a perfect set of pearly whites that you will cherish and love to show off. Each of our procedures also includes a follow-up appointment where our dentists will assess the progress of your oral health and ensure your teeth remain in optimal condition for as long as possible. For more information on cosmetic dentistry, contact us today.

24 Hour Dental Care — Emergency Dentist Edgecliff

Dental emergencies usually occur at times when they are least expected. Therefore, it is important to stay connected with a professional dental clinic that is readily available to tend to all dental emergencies, irrespective of when they happen.

DATC has you covered for when you suffer from incidents such as a severe toothache, knocked-out or loose teeth, or even an injured jaw. Our emergency dentists will assess the damage, find the ideal treatment method, and ensure your oral health remains in optimal condition. 

Additionally, we will find the best way to restore complete functionality and health. For more information on our emergency dentists, contact us today.


Edgecliff Invisalign Centre

Have you always wanted straighter teeth but don’t want to suffer from the inconvenience of traditional metal braces? Dentistry At The Cross offers patients an advanced Invisalign treatment designed to carefully and seamlessly straighten a set of teeth. 

Invisalign makes the process of attaining straighter teeth easier as you must simply wear each set of aligners for two-week intervals. Each set will gently push your teeth into the correct position to improve visual appeal and functionality. After 18 months, you will be showing off your perfectly straight smile. Talk to one of our expert dentists today about whether you are a suitable candidate for the Invisalign treatment. For more information, contact us today.


Dental Implants, Dentists Near You

If you’re looking for a way to replace missing teeth permanently, opt for dental implants from Dentistry At The Cross. Over time, your natural teeth may start to need replacing. This could be due to various reasons, including age, dental trauma, disease, and more.

Often, these issues will damage your teeth beyond repair and consequently leave them no longer functional. Our dental clinic offers dental implants to replace a single tooth or full arch treatments permanently. We are experts at planning, placing, and restoring dental implants to provide a more stable look and functional process. 

A dental implant is essentially a screw-like anchor placed into the original root of your tooth. It is then used to hold a dental prosthesis which consists of either a crown, bridge, or denture – these pieces will permanently replace your damaged or missing tooth. For more information on dental implants or the procedure, contact us today.


Family Orthodontics Treatment in Edgecliff

Orthodontics refers to the treatments utilised to straighten a set of crooked or misaligned teeth. Dentistry At The Cross offers various orthodontic options, including traditional metal braces that are suitable for all complexities and issues, internal lingual braces, 

Invisalign, and braces for children. Our years of practice have made it clear that no two sets of teeth are the same. Therefore, we will evaluate your dental health and refer you to the most suitable orthodontic method. All our orthodontic procedures are designed to improve aesthetic and functionality and strengthen the jaw and improve oral hygiene. For more information on orthodontics, talk to our experts today.


Children Dentistry

To ensure your child’s teeth are developing correctly, you must take them to visit a kid’s dentist. Usually, this is mandatory when your child’s first tooth erupts or when they turn one – whichever comes first. 

At Dentistry At The Cross, our kid’s dentists are experienced in all facets of children’s oral health and can help your child form good oral hygiene habits that they will continue to practice throughout their lives.

 Additionally, our kid’s dentists will assess your child’s oral development for any signs of potential issues and provide preventative treatment to ensure their teeth remain in optimal condition for longer.

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Are you in need of a reliable dentist in Edgecliff? Dentistry At The Cross offers high-quality dental services for the whole family. For more information on our treatments, contact us today or call us on (02) 3814 6002.


Dentistry At The Cross accepts cash and card payments. We understand that most dental treatments can be quite expensive, especially when you require multiple procedures for the one issue. Hence, we aim to keep our prices as low as possible by offering our locals various payment plans. Talk to us today about payment options.

We offer various orthodontic procedures, including:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign
  • Internal lingual braces
  • Braces for children

The orthodontic treatment you receive will depend on the state of your teeth. Talk to our team today about attaining your dream smile and how we can straighten your pearly whites at Dentistry At The Cross. We will guide you through each treatment and tailor the perfect solution for you.

The Dentistry At The Cross team is equipped with the necessary skills and experience to transform the look and functionality of your teeth efficiently and seamlessly. We have the proper equipment, technology, and tools to successfully rectify the situation and transform your oral health no matter what issue you're dealing with. Choose our team at DATC for a range of dental health treatments today.
Dentistry At The Cross provides high-quality emergency dentistry services to rectify all unexpected dental situations. Whether you are suffering from a severe toothache, missing, or chipped tooth, we have you covered. Simply walk into our dental clinic or call us and we’ll provide emergency dental care to restore your oral health.
We want to take the stress out of paying for dental treatment. Therefore, at DATC, we accept multiple payment options to allow for hassle-free processes. Talk to us today about our various payment plans and our accepted dental health insurance providers.
Dental implants are a reliable permanent solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are used as an anchor that screws into your jawbone and holds a dental prosthesis – usually a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants will completely transform the visual appeal and functionality of your teeth to ensure you are able to eat and speak freely.
We accept dental insurances such as Bupa, HCF, and more. Our payment options are extensive and are designed to help you manage your payments. We aim to make it easier for you to get high-quality dental care without having to worry about payments. For more information on the insurance providers we support, contact us today.