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Dentistry At The Cross is a family-friendly dental clinic in Sydney that offers comprehensive and reliable kid’s dentistry services. We believe that every child should have access to high-quality dental care that will help them create good oral hygiene habits, which they will continue to practice throughout their lives.

Therefore, when it comes to guiding children through the developmental stages in life, our Dentistry At The Cross team has the job covered. We will teach your kids what it means to maintain a successful dental health care routine to ensure their teeth remain strong over time. To start your child’s dental health journey today, contact our team of professionals.

children's dentist sydney
kids dentist sydney

Dental For Kids

The Dentistry At The Cross team understands that dentistry for children must be detailed, reliable, and extremely safe. However, we also try to make the experience as comfortable, engaging, and informative as possible. With years of practice in the dental industry, we perform the most advanced dental care services on children, kids, and teens. These treatments and check-ups are great for maintenance and preventative purposes – ensuring that your child’s teeth remain in optimal condition throughout their life.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

We want to make sure that your child’s first dental visit to Dentistry At The Cross is a positive one. Our number one priority is building the foundations for your child’s dental health habits from a young age. This will ensure the overall care and wellbeing of their oral health throughout every stage of their lives. Hence, we recommend that you book your child’s first dental appointment with us when their first tooth erupts or when they turn one – whichever comes first.

Your child’s first dental visit will be conducted by a dental therapist who specialises in kid’s dentistry. This session will help your child become comfortable with a dental clinic environment and allow them to approach dental care in the future without any fear or anxiety. Our team is friendly, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in all aspects of oral health, especially when it comes to growing teeth. For more information on your child’s first dental visit at Dentistry At The Cross, contact us today.

Emergency Dentistry For Kids

Emergency dentistry for kids is an important service that our Dentist in Potts Point prioritise at Dentistry At The Cross. This is because it is very common for kids to suffer from a range of accidents and falls that could result in a tooth or oral related injuries. For example, many children struggle with knocked-out, chipped, or missing teeth. At our dental clinic in Sydney, we provide efficient emergency dentistry care to ensure your child’s tooth can be saved and any damage to the gums can be prevented. We will work hard to find the best solutions for your child’s dental health, whether a baby tooth or a fully grown adult tooth. Call our experts today to ensure your child’s oral health remains in optimal condition, even during a dental emergency.

Affordable Kids Dental Services

Dentistry At The Cross offers a range of kid’s dental services to efficiently and effectively cater to the dental needs of all children. Some of the many kid’s dental services we provide include:

Orthodontics For Kids

If needed, orthodontic treatment for kids is recommended around the ages of 9-10. Our dentists will evaluate your child’s jaw and teeth to ensure the set is growing properly and structured the way it should be. If any developmental concerns are found, we will take swift action by implementing the most comprehensive solutions to restore your child’s oral health. Our orthodontic treatments focus on crossbites, overcrowding, growth problems, and more functional concerns. If any of these issues occur, early intervention is crucial.

Reasons for early intervention include:

Affordable Kids Dental Services​
Orthodontics For Kids

Regular Check-Ups

Regular dental check-ups are extremely important from a young age. By visiting your dental clinic regularly and attaining the dental care needed, your teeth and oral health will remain in the best condition possible.

We will evaluate your child’s dental health to ensure no urgent problems need to be taken care of. Taking your child for regular visits to the dental clinic will also encourage them to do so in the future. Hence, choose a professional dental clinic like Dentistry At The Cross for your dental check-ups.

Choosing A Children’s Dentist

Choosing the right children’s dentist will determine the quality of dental care your child receives. You must choose a dental clinic that is experienced in kid’s dentistry and understands how to influence a child’s thoughts on oral care. Children’s dentistry is different from adult services due to variables like age, cognitive development, and personality. Taking your child to the dentist may be a daunting experience; however, choosing a dental clinic such as Dentistry At The Cross can make the process easier.

Our team is dedicated to helping your child familiarise themselves with a dental clinic environment. This will allow your child to feel more comfortable when receiving dental health care at any stage of their life. To guarantee your child gets the best treatment possible, our dental clinic is equipped with the most advanced equipment and tools to support every child’s oral development. When you’re looking for a children’s dentist with years of experience and professionalism, choose Dentistry At The Cross today.

Contact Us Today

For all your kid’s dentistry needs, choose our team of experts at Dentistry At The Cross in Sydney. We understand how important the development of teeth and oral health is for children, and therefore, we utilise the best treatments and services in the industry to cater to your children’s dental issues. For more information on our children’s dentistry services, contact us today or call us on (02) 3814 6002.


Your child can receive various dental treatments like examination, cleaning, filling, x-ray and more. Depending on the dental issues your child is facing, our team of expert dentists will suggest the most appropriate treatment. We provide safe and effective kids dental treatments, so you can expect their teeth or gum problems to be treated with utmost care and no chances of side effects. We know what treatments are best suited for children dental issues!
Yes. You must book an appointment with our dental experts to get your child's chipped tooth checked. The trauma that chips the tooth leads to discomfort and pain by damaging the soft or hard tissue. If this is the case, a dentist must examine your child's mouth and provide tips and treatment for healing the area. Also, if the need is, the dentist will clean the area thoroughly.
It is recommended that children go to a dentist for examination and consultation once every 6 to 12 months. However, depending on the oral condition, a dentist may suggest fewer or frequent visits. To avoid dental issues in future, it is good to take your child for the first dental visit when they are one year old or have got their first tooth, whichever happens first.
You must take your child for the first dental visit when they are one year old or have their first tooth. Whichever happens first, consider scheduling an appointment with a children's dentist in Sydney accordingly. Choosing your baby's dentist wisely is essential as their help and support will help keep your little one away from dental issues. Try to schedule a dental appointment for your child once in 6 months.
You can expect the dentist to do a thorough examination of your child's mouth. They will bring to your notice any existing dental problem your child and suggest appropriate treatments for the same. The dentist will also provide tips on maintaining your child's oral hygiene, so you will know how your little one needs to brush and floss their teeth daily. Some dentists also share preventive strategies to stop a problem from the beginning.
If your child has a toothache, it is best to look for emergency dentistry for kids near you. Once you find a clinic offering this service, please book an appointment with them right away. Getting your child's mouth examined is essential to find the root cause of the pain and treat it effectively to offer relief to your child. Avoid delaying the dental visit as the pain can shoot up and make your child uncomfortable.
Yes. It is advisable to take your baby to a dentist when they get their first tooth or turn a year old. Taking your child to the dentist for regular check-ups lowers the risk of dental issues affecting them in future. If there's an issue with their teeth, the dentist can start the treatment early and prevent the problem from increasing. Also, you can expect the dentist to share some tips on keeping the usual dental problems away from your child.
General dentists are professionals treating dental issues in patients of any age. They are known as family dentists as they are eligible to take care of the whole family's dental needs. Kids dentists, also known as Paediatric dentists, specialise in treating dental issues in children from infancy to teenage. If you wish to get your child's teeth examined and treated by specialists, you must visit a kids dentist in Sydney.
Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps in strengthening the tooth enamel even before it breaks through the gums. Also, it is known to fight bacteria that damage the teeth and gums. Getting a fluoride treatment done for your child is beneficial as it reinforces the enamel and prevents tooth decay. If your child is at a high risk of developing cavities, it is best to consult your dentist for a fluoride treatment.
If your child had a fall and lost a permanent tooth, you must book an emergency appointment with your dentist. In the meanwhile, you may try to re-insert the tooth into the socket by gently pushing it back. This step is essential to save the permanent tooth. If you are unable to re-implant a tooth immediately, keeping it later may get tricky. Do not try pushing a baby tooth back to the socket. Do this only for a permanent tooth.
If you want your child to be comfortable at dental visits, you must choose a specialist who has the experience to work with kids. Such dentists have a caring and experienced team that takes care of the comfort of your child. Also, it is recommended to begin dental visits for your child at a very young age so they can get used to the environment. Once your child builds a bond with the dentist by meeting them regularly, they wouldn't hesitate for a dental visit.
Dental x-rays are incredibly safe for adults as well as children. A dentist may take an x-ray of the inside or outside of a child's mouth, and in both cases, your child is safe. X-rays use a very small amount of radiation, and this is why they can be performed for children as small as two or three years of age.