Restorative Care

Re-Building Your Mouth

Sometimes damage to your smile can result from unfavourable genes, childhood neglect, illness or injury, heavy grinding or lifestyle factors. This means more complex care may be needed to rebuild your mouth. Our clinicians are experienced in all aspects of complex dental care – from implant treatment, crown and bridge work, to management of the joint and muscle complex (TMJ) to allow a healthy, functioning and pain-free smile. Also remember that as we apply the principles of cosmetic dentistry to all our care, we continually strive to ensure your smile looks its best.

Complex care may include consultation with our clinical team colleagues, or together with our team of referral dental specialists. Many hours are spent in detailed planning of this care to ensure the best treatment decisions are made for you. As with any of our more complex treatments, specialist referral is always available and should you desire or require more specialised care, we are happy to guide you to the appropriate people.

Prior to commencing any complex treatment, a detailed treatment plan will be provided outlining your treatment options and fees, and you will be actively involved in treatment decisions to ensure our care plan meets your needs. We will request and record your consent before various stages of treatment. The purpose of consent is to ensure you understand the treatment and possible alternative treatment options, together with any inherent risks. It’s all about ensuring we provide you with the best quality oral care.

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Restorative care services offered

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
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