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What Are Dental Implants?​

A dental implant procedure is an ideal solution for replacing a missing tooth. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants serve as a permanent restorative option. This procedure requires a series of minor operations where the dental implant is securely placed into the jawbone. Acting as an anchor, the dental implant will hold a dental prosthesis, including a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Usually made from titanium, the dental implant looks like a screw and replaces the root of your original tooth. Over time, your bone will start to grow around the implant, which will help hold it in place permanently. Your dental prosthesis (usually a crown) will be custom-made to fit the shape and size of your remaining teeth and create a perfect-looking smile that you will love.

What Is the procedure for a dental implant?

Generally, implant surgery involves three stages, including:

Stage 1: Implant Placement

In this phase, your dentist will numb your mouth with local anaesthesia and make an incision in the gum to expose the bone. Next, he will create space in the bone to place the titanium screw. Your incision will receive one or two stitches, depending on its size.

You will have to wait for a few months of the healing period. During this time, your implant and bone will become one piece.

Stage 2: Abutment Attaching

During your second visit, the dentist will place the abutment on the implant and take the impression to fit the crown.

Stage 3: Crown Fitting

In the final step, you will receive a new crown. You may have to undergo a trial procedure before the final fit to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

Dental Implants Cost

On average, a single dental implant price in Sydney can range anywhere between $3,000-$6,500. However, full mouth dental implants can cost more and range between $25,000-$60,000. 

At Dentistry At The Cross, we aim to keep our prices affordable to ensure everyone gains access to high-quality dental care whenever it is needed. One of our most common dental procedures is dental implants, as many people suffer from missing or damaged teeth that need to be completely replaced or repaired. However, there is no fixed price on dental implants as the final cost depends on a range of factors that vary from patient to patient.

These prices are dependent on factors such as the complexity of your dental issues, whether any further dental treatments need to be completed, and how many teeth need replacing. Get your dental implants quote today but contacting us and requesting a consultation session. We will talk you through the best procedure plan for your set of teeth and provide you with an estimated cost for the overall treatment.

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

There is a range of benefits associated with the implementation of dental implants. Often, the dental implants treatment will restore the functionality and aesthetic value of your teeth. However, there are also other reasons as to why the treatment may be beneficial, including:

Dentistry At The Cross focuses on fast, efficient, and effective dental implant procedures that will allow you to show off your new set of pearly whites in no time. Contact our team today for more information on why you should choose the dental implant procedure and what benefits a permanent restorative option can have for you.

Whilst our treatment philosophy is based around minimum intervention and maintaining natural teeth with good preventive care and restorative care, sometimes as a result of trauma, fracture, or disease, teeth are unable to be saved.

As one of our complex care treatment options, we can offer over 20 years of experience in planning, placing, and restoring dental implants for either single-tooth restorations or more complex multiple tooth and implant cases. Implant treatment offers significant challenges to deliver the best care and whilst straightforward cases may be handled in the practice, often our clinicians will work in conjunction with specialists for the planning and placement of dental implants to achieve the best result for you.

Specialist referral is always available and should you desire or require more specialised care, we are happy to guide you to the appropriate people.

In conjunction with his private practice, Dr Wayne Sherson currently holds a position as an adjunct lecturer in the Graduate Diploma in Dental Implants at Charles Sturt University. He has been involved with the program since its inception. It allows him to continue learning new skills by working with a dedicated team of experienced clinicians and passing on his dental implant treatment knowledge.

Our clinicians are experienced in using many of the most recognised and documented implant systems available. All our systems are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and our dental laboratories and technicians are all local and Australian certified ensuring the best quality in our dental implant care.

We are happy to restore teeth using the following systems.

Replacing Hopeless or Missing Teeth

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Dental implants are the perfect permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. dentist in Potts Point, our team specialises in implementing and maintaining dental implants. With our years of experience in the dental industry, we understand how to apply dental implants for each mouth, whether replacing one simple tooth or a whole set for pensioners. So, no matter what issue you are dealing with, choose our team at Dentistry At The Cross when you need dental implants. For more information on our dental implants treatment, contact us today or call us on (02) 3814 6002.

Dental Implants For Pensioners

One of the biggest problems faced by pensioners is the struggle of finding a suitable solution for their damaged or missing teeth. Usually, pensioners would opt for removable dentures as their preferred method of teeth replacement. However, at Dentistry At The Cross, we specialise in dental implants for pensioners and have specifically designed dental implants that support pensioners and their sensitive gums. However, there is an eligibility criterion that you must follow to be a suitable candidate for dental implants as a pensioner.

Benefits For Pensioners:


Our Dentistry At The Cross professionals will examine your teeth and determine whether dental implants for pensioners is the appropriate choice for your oral development. Book an appointment with us today to get your permanent restoration journey started.
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The cost of a quality dental implant service can’t be the same for all. It varies depending on the patient’s oral health and the reputation of the dental practice. In addition, the final cost depends on several other factors, including your oral health complications, number of procedures required before the implant surgery, number of dentist visits, number of teeth and much more.

The cost also differs based on the city in which you are getting the treatment. If you want tooth implant service in Sydney, you will have to pay more because the overhead cost and standard of living in Sydney is expensive.

Book an appointment with the experienced implant dentist of DATC to get a quote on implants based on your dental condition.

Though the lifespan of dental implants varies from patient to patient, the average life can be up to 20 years. The latest innovation and the ever-evolving technology in implant dentistry have extended the lifespan of teeth implants. Implant failure due to rejection or functionality problems are rare nowadays. Therefore, the effort you put into cleaning and maintaining your dental hygiene is the primary factor that determines its life.

If you brush your teeth two times daily, floss regularly, and visit your dentist once in six months, you can expect your dental implants to last a lifetime.

The time for placing the dental implants varies from dentist to dentist and patients to patient. It depends on your tooth location in the mouth and the technique your dentist chooses to fix the implants. The average time the procedure takes is one hour per implant.

Moreover, the entire teeth implant procedure involves multiple steps. Therefore, it takes several months to complete the process from start to end. You can consult with our implant dentist to know how long the process will take in your case.

If you have missing teeth and do not want to have a bridge or dentures, you must ask your dentist whether you are suitable for dental implants.

Dental implants provide a tooth replacement option that is more natural than dentures because they are artificial teeth attached directly to your jawbone. To get the maximum benefit from dental implants, you must be in good health. In addition, you must possess a healthy and developed jawbone because healthy gums and jawbone are vital to support the implants.

The tooth implant procedure is not painful because it is performed using local or general anaesthesia that completely numbs your mouth. However, it is common that patients undergoing implant surgery will experience some pain or discomfort after completing the procedure.

The discomfort generally lasts for one or two days. However, if you continue to experience pain or discomfort even after 2-3 days, you should speak to your dentist. The dentist will treat your post-surgery discomfort and pain.

Although it depends on the insurance company, still most dental insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, many dental coverage plans do not include implant dentistry. However, a few health insurance policies partly cover implant dentistry. You can check with your insurance plan provider to find out the dental coverage schemes.

Hence, at DATC, we provide many options to replace your missing teeth in an economical way. Book a consultation with our specialist to discuss the options and choose the best based on your affordability and requirement.

A dental implant is a procedure that uses a screwlike post made of titanium to replace the tooth root. It replaces your missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that resemble your natural teeth in appearance and functionality. The procedure requires minor surgery. Dental implant surgery provides an excellent alternative to bridgework or dentures.

Moreover, a teeth implant offers an option when you can’t opt for a bridgework tooth replacement or denture due to the lack of natural tooth root in your mouth.

At DATC, our experienced team of implant dentists, clinicians, and technicians use the most recognised and documented implant systems available to ensure the best quality implant. Moreover, all systems are based on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The dental implant cost is different for different dental issues. It depends on your dental health, qualification and experience, other dental procedures performed before the implant surgery, the number of dental visits and many other factors.

Moreover, the implant service in Australia is more expensive than in other countries. The high salaries and overhead costs affect the price of materials and implants.

Dental implants provide a long-term solution for your missing or severely damaged teeth. With this procedure, you experience freedom from limitations on eating or biting, unlike dentures. Moreover, you will not have to think about replacing the implants every few years. Additionally, implants restore your self-confidence with a beautiful and bright smile that you will love to showcase.

DATC provides a highly advanced implant service making your investment worthwhile. With proper care, maintenance, and check-up, you can expect your implants to last for more than twenty years or a lifetime.